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NANO 720 Xtreme

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The beautifully designed, carbon-fibre Nano 720 Xtreme is both strong and lightweight.

It boasts the World’s no.1 power-to-weight ratio of any dive scooter…by a long way !

Testament to the skills of iAQUA’s engineers and its cutting-edge design it’s nearly 50% higher than our nearest competitor.

It gives you more than 31 Newtons of thrust per kg ! For sheer power-to-weight even the AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme – the World’s fastest dive scooter ‘only’ delivers 21 Newtons of thrust per kg.

It’ll look super-stylish on any yacht, and once in the water with iAQUA’s (patent-pending) Dual-Jet technology, which produces up to 40% more thrust, can propel you through the water at speeds of up to 24 km/h, and get you there in under 3 seconds.

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Maximum speed 24 km/h

Incredible performance: 0 to 20 km/h in 3 seconds.
Redefining the jet ski market with exceptional design, weight and speed.

Maximum depth 45 m

The Nano can be set to maximum depth according to defined levels.
A great safety feature that will ensure you don't accidentally stray into deeper water than expected.

Maximum thrust 720 N

The new DualJet™ technology has enabled iAQUA designers and engineers to develop
a water scooter that is both extremely light and very powerful.

Battery life up to 160 minutes

Unique, cutting-edge battery management means more time spent exploring.
Up to 200% longer operating times than its closest competitors.

Weight only 22 kg

Weighing just 22kg, the AquaDart Nano moves effortlessly and can be easily launched from the beach with one hand.

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Data sheet

65 - 160 mn
4.7 KW
Maximum speed
24 Km/h
High Power Underwater Lights
Poussée (Newton)
720 N
Nbre Paliers de puissance
Profondeur maxi
-45 m
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