Ce modèle sera livré bridé à 25 Km/h conformément à la règlementation en vigueur.

Battery type: 60V 30AH
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Power and autonomy at the rendezvous :

The Dualtron Victor 2024 electric scooter is not for everyone. Indeed, its power of 4000W could surprise more than one person. You will find two motors ready to propel you at full speed. So, on a private track, you can easily reach 80 km/h. A real rocket!

That's not all, power requires a substantial battery. This is the case with this model which has a 60V 24Ah or 60V 30Ah battery from LG. The best on the market today. You will therefore be able to drive all day or almost since it allows a range of 70 to 100km in eco mode.

Considered a small Dualtron Thunder, the Victor impresses. It combines power, sportiness and handling. This machine then stands out from the competition and allows you to obtain unique driving sensations. Well finished, this Victor has been particularly careful to produce a high-end scooter.

Dualtron Victor 2024: a comfortable scooter :

On board this powerful electric scooter, you will quickly realize its comfort. In fact, its front and rear suspensions are adjustable to 9 positions in order to accommodate as many people as possible. In addition, we equipped this Victor with 10-inch tube tires to maximize driving pleasure.

Do you want to drive off paved roads? No worries for this Dualtron Victor. You can explore all terrains with this scooter designed for adventure and long walks. The 10-inch tires of this fast electric scooter respond perfectly and keep the scooter glued to the ground in all circumstances.

Comfortable, but also powerful and fast, this Dualtron Victor 2024 is just waiting for you to express its full potential. Do you dare to tame this powerful scooter?

Power, comfort but also safety :

Power and driving comfort are not everything on a scooter. It must also be secure for its user. We have therefore made several improvements to the model in order to offer an ever more efficient and safer scooter. Among these improvements, we find the addition of the new folding Dualtron, already present on other models of the brand such as the Dualtron Storm or the Dualtron Thunder 2 for example. This folding, combined with the new double clamp, allows the headset to be corrected and adds even more safety to the machine.

Another important point, we chose to strengthen the controllers of this model. Indeed, this Dualtron electric scooter delivers phenomenal power. It was therefore necessary to design controllers capable of maintaining a high level of performance without ever overheating. This is therefore the case in this Dualtron Victor, where reliability is not lacking.

Of course, the full hydraulic braking does not change because we believe that having high quality braking is essential on such a powerful machine. You will then find Zoom hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear of this vehicle. They allow you to brake easily and quickly in all situations.

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Data sheet

70-100 km
DOUBLE MOTEUR – 4000W en crête
Battery type
Lithium Ion 60V | 24Ah/30Ah
Maximum load
120 kg
Dimension (folded) HxLxw
1110 x 279 x 560mm
Dimension (unfolded) HxLxW
1110 x 609 x 1247 mm
Wheel (s) Diam.
Gonflable chambre à air 10x3
Avant et arrière Hydrauliques réglable sur 9 positions
Maximum speed
25 km/h (80 Kmh max)
Disque à assistance hydraulique à l’avant et à l’arrière
Avant & Arrière en LED
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